My Favourite TV Shows of 2023

Even with a writer’s strike, it turns out there was still a lot watch. Here are a few of my favourite TV shows from this year including a couple of dystopian thrillers, a stunning nature show, a modern murder mystery, and a hilarious twist on a superhero show. I’ve separated them into two categories: shows that were new (at least to me) this year, and those that are in subsequent seasons.


A Murder at The End of the World

I so enjoyed this modern murder mystery from creative geniuses Brit Marling (who made one of my favourite sci-fi movies – Another Earth) and Zal Batmanglij. Amateur detective Darby Hart (played by The Crown’s Emma Corrin) is summoned to a remote, futuristic hotel in Iceland by tech billionaire Andy Ronson. He and his wife have assembled some of the world’s best and brightest – artists, technologists, architects, and poets – to discuss the future including navigating the climate crisis. But, things go off-the-rails quickly when Darby witnesses a death (I won’t spoil whose) of one of the guests. The story oscillates between two timelines: a “who-dun it?” in the present and a look into Darby’s past amateur detective work as a teenager with her friend Bill (Triangle of Sadness‘s Harris Dickinson.)


So many people recommended this to me, but the somewhat drab colour palette didn’t appeal on the Apple home screen so I deferred watching for a long time. Don’t make my mistake! When I finally came to my senses and started watching I was SUCKED IN. Not since Squid Game, have I felt compelled to binge-watch more than three episodes in a row, but this show was so full of genius cliffhangers that I plowed through very quickly.

The story takes place in a massive, underground silo where, due to some unknown apocalyptic event, humans have resided for generations to escape the toxic wasteland on the surface. Surviving in the silo requires a strict protocol and assigned tasks across the silo’s 144 levels. Occasionally people who either commit crimes or utter the dreaded “I want to go outside” are sent to the surface where they clean a camera that provides their only window to the world, only then to be seen stumbling and dying after a few minutes. But, some begin to question the truth of their situation, why the silo exists, and why they should continue to live this way. And that’s where the fun begins. 


This show is  absolutely hilarious and set in the UK with a killer soundtrack and a diverse cast to boot. I haven’t seen many people talk about it, which I’m truly surprised by considering its quality. This show swerves from the usual superhero fare in that it’s set in a reality where everyone gets superpowers on their 18th birthday. Jen is extraordinary in that – by age 25 – she still hasn’t. Her quest to become super is one well worth watching. 


If you’re looking for a winter comfort watch, add Fisk to the list. It’s a chill Australian comedy that consistently makes me laugh out loud every episode. I will preface that it’s a somewhat subtle comedy – a lot of the laughs require you to really listen to the aside remarks and dialogue, but if you do you will be rewarded. The show centers around Helen Tudor-Fisk (Kitty Flanagan) who takes up a job in a humble wills and probate law firm in Melbourne after her marriage breaks up. Her character’s dark sense of humour creates hilarity as she navigates clients, co-workers, and family. 

Patagonia: Life at the Edge of the World

TV King of 2023 Pedro Pascal once again excels as narrator of this stunning nature series, which beautifully displays the wonders of Patagonia and the wildlife that dwells within it. Enjoy the super chill vibes and incredible footage of pumas, Andean condors, blue whales and more nestled amongst Patagonia’s breathtaking mountains, forests, oceans, and lakes.

The Last of Us

There were a lot of times where I muted this show to prevent jump scares, but honestly, it wasn’t half as scary as I was expecting (thank God.) Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey were such a wondrous tag team duo, and I loved watching them roam together zombie-filled landscapes (Calgary) and countryside through Banff (*ahem* Jackson Hole). Plus, that episode

Continuing Seasons

The following shows did not premier this year, but kept up the highest of bars in their subsequent seasons.


Julia has only gotten better in its second season. It is as rich in depth, poignance, and comedy as any of the French cooking Julia Child creates. In particular, I so enjoy watching the friendship and companionship between Julia (Sarah Lancashire), Paul (David Hyde Pearce), and Avis (Bebe Neuwirth) which shows 50+ life as something that should be strived towards rather than deferred. Plus, every scene they are in together typically featuring a nice cocktail, glass of wine, or decadent culinary delight, which is perhaps a secret to their success.

Reservation Dogs

I haven’t happy-poignant-cried as much at a TV show since Friday Night Lights (I just loved Coach and Mrs. Coach okay?!) and this final season provided ample moments to do so. It also experimented even more this season in format, including setting an episode in a different time period, as well as having more episodes focus on specific characters. Shout-out to K. Devery Jacobs for blowing me away with her work both not only writing, but also directing an episode a piece this season – a strong follow-up to her remarkable “Mabel” episode from Season 2.


The fun, slightly bonkers sci-fi ride continues in season 2. The show is immense in its world/universe building and time-spanning that it’s often hard to keep up, but that certainly keeps things interesting. This season introduced some cool new characters, and Kiwi actress Rachel House shows up, which is always a delight (although she’s ultimately a bit scary.) I was definitely upset at some of the events in the last episode of the season, but hopefully season 3 will move on nicely in such a way that any gaps are not as glaring as they currently feel.

The Bear

The Bear continued to soar in its sophomore season. Indeed, the “Forks” is one of the best episodes of TV I have seen. The show continues to delight and thrive in the chaos and frenetic nature of culinary art, and you grow to love the characters even more. Ayo Edebiri for prez. 


I’m not sure if this show will be back for another season, but I sure hope so. Season 2 continues the fun and feminism, as the gang continues to scale the first erotic magazine for women. Also as someone who didn’t watch New Girl, I can now truly appreciate why Jake Johnson is so often on my Twitter (err…X) feed. 

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds

Star Trek is fun again! Season 2 continues to delight and entertain by continuing the episodic format of the Star Trek of yesteryear. I particularly loved the cross-over episode with Star Trek: Lower Decks, which had the voice actors (Trondy Newman and Jack Quaid) jump from their 2D cartoon forms into the show in 3D human (I think?) form. It was so wonderful mainly on account of Trondy Newman being ABSOLUTELY hilarious. Worth watching for that episode alone!

Hope you find some watches you enjoy in the mix!