Sorcha Richardson Delights with One Guitar & 1/2 a Drum Kit

Biltmore Cabaret keeps coming through with amazing, intimate concert sets from artists I adore. Last time, I enjoyed an incredible concert from Pete Yorn (complete with him playing “Ice Age” for the first time in a long while at my request), and this time from Irish artist Sorcha Richardson. I discovered Sorcha Richardson’s music in 2019 when I was going through a time, and her songs really helped me through. I typically consider myself to not “hear” lyrics, but her songs are an exception.

Sorcha and her supporting act PAPA didn’t have an easy road to Vancouver. Her band and instruments got stuck in a snow storm trying to make their way from Colorado, which led to them taking a last-minute flight with a guitar and a few cymbals. I’m sure they were disappointed to not play the set as they intended, but when I heard this, I was delighted. Unplugged/acoustic performances are my absolute jam. With half of a drum kit and ne’er a guitar tuner in sight, the show went on and it was incredible.

I got to stand front row, which as a 5’2 person is the dream. I remember being at Laura Marling concert years ago with two seemingly 6’6 men/Hodors swaying in front of me only to find them complaining about the concert on the way home on the Canada Line. Sorcha kindly played the three songs I had requested on Facebook earlier: “First Prize Bravery”, “Oh Oscillator”, and “Don’t Talk About It”. Her seemingly-effortless vocals and guitar strumming/fingerpicking were on point, and the lack of backing instrumentation enabled her beautiful lyrics to be brought to the forefront. Plus, I so enjoyed watching PAPA’s drumming, which seemed impeccable despite the lack of rehearsal time together. They quite literally didn’t miss a beat. And, the crowd was warm and receptive, and cheered on encouragement whenever there was any reference to this being in any way a disappointing performance from Sorcha (far from).

Beyond the concert, my friend and I got to chat to Sorcha and PAPA at the end of the night, and they were both lovely…even in the face of me finding a way to ramble on about as varied topics as The Corrs Australian tour and my childhood drumming ambitions within the span of four minutes. Alas – I cannot be helped. Hopefully buying some merch helped absolve me.

Anyways, long story short: if you get a chance to see Sorcha Richardson – don’t hesitate. It will be an absolute delight. And if you’re not already sold, here are a few of my favourite songs below.