My Highlights from 2023

Another successful orbit of the Sun has been completed! Each year brings unforeseen challenges, and likely some foreseen ones, too. But, each year a lot of good does happen too, even if it is does sometimes grow from uncomfortable change or even sadness. In the spirit of that, here are some of my favourite memories from 2023, including places I travelled to, a spectacular summer of sports, live performances, and more. May they be an anchor for when those challenging times do come – knowing that there will always be more good times, experiences, and people hovering on the horizon.

Travelling to New Places

First off, I got to do some more travelling to new places! While I didn’t do a great job at planning a multitude of trips, those I did do were all enjoyable and varied from one another.

In March, a family member and I went down to Palm Springs to see the Indian Wells Tennis tournament. Right off the plane, we got an upgrade to a Mustang convertible, which handled like a city bus, but was great for ripping around on joy drives through Joshua Tree National Park and the Palms-to-Pine Highway. We did a couple of canyon hikes in Tahquitz Canyon that included fording rivers via felled palm trees, scaled the mammoth rocks in Joshua Tree National Park, and admired the adorably-cute-but-maybe-deadly cholla cacti from a respectable distance.

The tennis itself was awesome with my favourite part being going to the practice courts and seeing all the top players, including Ons Jabeur, Alcaraz, Auger-Aliassime, Sakkari, Sabalenka, Kvitova and more. Seeing a practice session between Alcaraz and Evans was trick shot heaven, while Auger-Aliassime v. Sinner demonstrated calm professionalism. 10/10 would recommend if you’re a tennis fan.

In October, I went into the Cariboo to the rather remote Greeny Lake, where the fall colours and crisp air were just starting to emerge. Sitting by a crackling fire gazing up at the clear skies and vibrant stars was incredibly centering, especially before heading to the bustling metropolis of New York mere days later. 

New York which was incredible, as you can read about here. I can see why it is one of the most beloved cities in the world. I definitely lucked out with idyllic weather, and had such a good time wandering around. Despite my initial hesitation, the subway was incredibly easy to use (I mean it does just run North-South, East-West after all…) and I walked everywhere from Central Park to Greenwich Village to Brooklyn…and all levels of The Met. I eagerly await going back again to see more sights.

Summer of Sports

This year was phenomenal for sports with Wimbledon, World Cup soccer, Tour de France, and the Rugby World Cup coming one after the next. Enjoying these with family and friends brightened all our moods. Plus, going to the Gastown Grand Prix and seeing Alison (Jackson) race and meeting renowned speedskater Ivanie Blondin out of nowhere was very cool. Fun to have some skin in the game and see people you know crush it right in front of you.

Live Performances 

The two concerts I went to this year were polar opposites moving from each other: one the grandest scale stadium concert you can fathom, the other one of the most most intimate. First was Coldplay in September at BC Place, followed by Sorcha Richardson at Biltmore Cabaret. It was especially cool to get to see Sorcha front row (as a short person this is the dream) as well as have a chance to speak with her following the concert. She was just as cool as her music.

I also went to Cirque du Soleil for the first time which was truly mesmerizing and lived up to the hype. If you haven’t been yet, I highly recommend going, particularly for this guy whose physique alone is well worth the price of admission.

In the summer, I went to Theatre Under the Stars to see The Prom in Stanley Park at Malkin Bowl. The cast were all amateur actors, but you wouldn’t know it from the incredible performance they put on. I enjoyed it far more than the Netflix movie, and we all marched home belting “It’s Time to Dance” full tilt (aided by the bravado that intermission wine brings.) Plus, the clear night sky and twinkling stars on a warm summer’s night created an unforgettable atmosphere. 

(I did also take in two Broadway shows while in NYC, but you can read more about that here.)

Space Continued to Mesmerize

Seeing more of the cosmos through the James Webb Space Telescope and being able to look back billions of years continues to be truly mindblowing. The collection of stunning photos from JWST grew tremendously in 2023, including this new one of Cassiopeia A below. I also put my name on a tiny silicone chip headed for Jupiter’s moon Europa joining the one that is on Mars on the rover. In the future, I’m sure my name will be sent into the Sun – as it should be.

Chill Hangs with Friends & Family

Watching my Tiny Friends learn and grow continues to be one of the fulfilling parts of my life. The importance of spending quality time with friends and family was particularly emphasized this year, and I have enjoyed the simplicity of many walks, talks, and TV watching together. We also particularly enjoyed a visit from my friend from England, who brought over copious amounts of British chocolate and more importantly – British humour.

That’s a wrap on some of my 2023 highlights. I hope in this next year ahead, there is more happiness than sadness, more health than illness, and more delightful new experiences for you than you could have ever imagined. Onwards!