In the Beginning…

I recently returned from a month-long, “dream trip” to New Zealand. Being an avid picture taker, I decided that I would curate my pictures daily in order to not hate my life when I returned to Vancouver (with what turned out to be ~2,000 photos.) I use Facebook a lot as a way to look back at things that have happened over the years, so I chose to accompany these photos with daily posts of what I did that day (aka “see lamb…eat lamb”.)

This proved to be an incredibly connective experience. Every morning when I woke up, I’d have tons of messages and comments on my daily posts. I re-connected with people that I hadn’t heard from years – from both home and abroad – who wished me well and were stoked to see my journey through Middle Earth. Even though I was so far away, in many ways, I felt closer than ever to friends and family.

More importantly, however, it reconnected me with my love of writing. As I shared my experiences online, and made new connections as I travelled around New Zealand, I realized that many people were excited to talk about the same things I was interested in. SO, I’ve decided blend these two realizations into something new: a bit of a blog.

Namely a curation of things I find interesting on the topics of sports, space, scenery, music, and…more?

I’m not sure what this will evolve into, but as long as it brings me joy, I’m going to keep ‘er going. Hope you stick around for the journey (mainly so I can feel like the $26 I spent on this domain was worth it!)